Update datasets getting started to new git security

Hello, I am new here and not sure where to report this small bug/update. If you could point me to the right direction, I would be very grateful.

When following the ‘getting started’ on how to create a dataset it contains a deprecated link to clone the repository. Instead of

git clone the/https/link/thats/in/here/currently

It should read:

Add ssh key to your huggingface profile (link-to-docs/hub/security-git-ssh)
git clone git@hf.co:datasets/namespace/your_dataset_name


New users can only reference a max. of two links. So here’s the links:

git clone the/https/link/thats/in/here/currently
→ git clone https://huggingface.co/datasets/namespace/your_dataset_name

Git over SSH

I opened docs: add reference Git over SSH by severo · Pull Request #6499 · huggingface/datasets · GitHub to update the docs. Feel free to comment there.

Docs updated: Share a dataset using the CLI

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great, thank you!

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