Uploading a large trained model

Hello! I am building a streamlit space that assess journal entries based upon Stoic virtues. I trained and saved my model to my desktop repositiry, but it is big 268 MB and compressed Brotli 37MB. It is too large to push from my desktop repository using the Github Desktop App to my space. The space won’t function without the trained model. Will signing up for the PRO (9 dollar a month) plan on Hugging Face allow me to upload my large trained model?

Hi @pjsturtevant,
Yes, you can upload models to Hugging Face; at present, hosting the models is free of charge.

Thanks for the reply! My issue is the size of the trained model. It is 268 MB. When I try to push it from the repository, I get an error message that it is too large. I was wondering if opting into the Pro plan would allow me to push a trained model of that size to the space.

The file size is not the limitation; there’s likely another underlying issue.

For instance, multiple ~9GB and ~5GB files on this model repo

Thank you for that angle. I will investigate that tomorrow.

Here is the message that I am getting:

im not sure if your problem is solved but you can use git lfs for larger files

do this in your local huggingface repo

git lfs install
git lfs track "Name of you model.tf"
git add .
git commit -m "your message here"
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