Using VSCode debugger on Transformers' tests

Hello! I’m making my first contribution to the transformers repo but having some trouble with running some of the tests. The website says to use the breakpoint() statement so that PDB stops at that specific line, however, I am finding it hard to navigate around PDB and would rather use VSCode’s built-in debugger. Has anyone had any success getting it running?

I’ve tried setting up testing like is shown here: Testing Python in Visual Studio Code
I’ve tried running the testing file directly with the debugger but if I do it that way I get import errors:

from ...test_configuration_common import ConfigTester
ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package

I have also tried attaching the debugger to a current process through PID but VSCode shows “timed out waiting for debug server to connect”.

I think the best approach would be either the first one or the third one, as it does not require changing the test file to run the test class directly, but I didn’t get any of the approaches to work.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!