📣 Weights & Biases - Feedback

Hey folks!

I’m Morgan from Weights & Biases and we’re looking for feedback from the :hugs: community on our current documentation for our Hugging Face W&B integration. Any and all feedback is a real gift :gift_heart: (especially if there are things that are unclear or haven’t worked for you in the past)

Docs to Check Out :eyes:

Suggested Questions

  • What would you change or add for a Hugging Face user using W&B for the first-time?
  • What would you change or add in the docs for a Hugging Face user already using W&B?
  • Is there anything in the docs you feel is missing or could be better explained?
  • Are there any example descriptions or example code that would better explain the W&B integration?

Since I’m here, happy to hear about any suggestions or issues with the Hugging Face W&B integration here or in @boris 's thread here :slightly_smiling_face:

Myself and @boris are looking forward to hearing from you all!


Hi @morgan,

Is there any documentation on how to integrate HuggingFace Accelerate (multi-gpu on a single machine setting) with weights and biases sweep?