Fine tuning Wav2vec for wolof

I’m training fine tuning wav2vec model , the training is going on but i see any log output
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can you share a screen ??

since day before yesterday my training is a this step
I use wandb to visualise log and hyperparameter

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Khady this is your configuration , i would say a screen of implementation may they help to found the problem ?? please send a screen or a link of your notebook

I use the same notebook from hugging face, i juste use wolof data

Hey @khady, I work at W&B and was wondering if I could help you sort out the problems you’re having. Were you able to to log all the things you wanted to log to W&B and if not what did you have a problem with logging? Feel free to share a link to your wandb project dashboard, if you think that’d be useful for me to take a look (you need to make your project public for me to see it). Also, here’s some general info about WandB and HuggingFace integration:

hello every one thanks you for reply
here is some others scream,

You’re logging the loss in the forloop AFTER the training is completed. Regular logging seems to be happening to W&B during training, based the “Summary” in the screenshot.

Also you run an evaluation run every 10 steps, which is waaaay too much

thanks for all
I would like to run my fine tuning using commande line by compiling a python file but got this error
can somebody help by

ValueError: Mixed precision training with AMP or APEX (--fp16) and FP16 evaluation can only be used on CUDA devices.

i think model is not running on GPU and I have

print(torch.cuda.is_available()) it return true