What is rust_model.ot and how can I use it?

Lots of models have rust weights available for them in the file rust_model.ot and there’s even a rust tag on the hub. Is there any rust project coming up from HF ? Also is there any we way I can use these weights to do inference from rust ?

cc. @julien-c


I see on Twitter that you figured it out, but those weights are for https://github.com/guillaume-be/rust-bert which is a great project – I think the author is planning to communicate about it in a couple of weeks

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Yes. @stefan-it shared it with me. And really seems like a great project.

Is there any way to convert bin to .ot ?

See the script here: rust-bert/convert_model.py at master · guillaume-be/rust-bert · GitHub

Note that you must install both pytorch in python and rust-bert in rust. :smiley: