What is the difference between transformers and huggingface_hub libraries?

I’ve used transformers that allow download large language models and huggingface_hub that only allow to download models less than 10GB.

The model microsoft/Orca-2-13b is too large to be loaded automatically (52GB > 10GB). Please use Spaces

Does huggingface_hub allow to excess the limit if I have a pro subscription or something like that?

When to use huggingface_hub and when transformers?, 'cause transformers allow me donwload llama 2, but in huggingface_hub I get the message

Bad request:
Model requires a Pro subscription; check out Hugging Face – Pricing to learn more. Make sure to include your HF token in your query.



Transformers is a library that contains various state-of-the-art machine learning models, as well as a Trainer API which can be used to train models.

Huggingface_hub is a library to programmatically integrate with the hub. It allows you to programmatically list and filter models, get metadata, create pull requests, download/upload files, etc.

What’s your use case? Would you like to run a model, or only download the weights?