Which hugging face llm is best for voice recognition

How do I find tune Hugging face LLM for a voice recognition project. Which model is best

Hey! Whisper-large-v2 is one of the best and there are plenty of resources online for it.

Follow the following guide: Fine-Tune Whisper For Multilingual ASR with 🤗 Transformers

If you want to fine-tune on custom data I am more than willing to help (the guide only covers data that is stored on their databases)

Note you will need more than 24GB vram to finetune it. The largest LLM’s require plenty of VRAM to finetune not only whisper-large-v2 so keep this in mind. I have made the mistake in the past without organising virtual machines that had A100 GPUs (or any GPU that has sufficient specifications).

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Sure, i will need your assistance, how can we connect for the project? if you dont mind

Sorry for only replying now. Message me privately and we can exchange emails.

Please how do I inbox you ? I can not see the button for inbox