Working on Low Resource Machine Translation

I’m working on a Machine Translation system for low resource languages, and I am able to train tokenizer,do POS, till NER - using the Trankit for multilingual NLP. However, since my project is transfer based translation, I need some guidance on doing the next steps, i.e Lexical Transfer, Syntactic Transfer and Morphological Transfer.

Are there are python packages that I can use? I know this might not be the exact place where I need to ask for answers, but I could really use some guidance.

Thanks a lot in advance !!

Trankit provides a great foundation for multilingual NLP tasks, but for more specific tasks like Lexical Transfer, Syntactic Transfer, and Morphological Transfer, you may need to explore additional Python packages. you can check NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), spacy library, Syntax Net, Morfessor library.
Good luck with your project!

Thanks a lot Emma for answering !! I knew most of these, but Syntax Net and Morfessor are something new. Although I figured out the other parts(not stuck at completely different problem), I hope these will help in some way or other !!