Your space is on error, check its status on

The space works fine when it was private, and goes wrong once made public. I tried factory rebooting the space or create a new one, but it still won’t work.


I got the same error even if the app runs well on HF server

i am getting same error but app is working fine

Same issue, my app runs well locally but not in the space

I’m getting this error intermittently throughout the day for my space Acapellify - a Hugging Face Space by lint, but I noticed it still works just fine when embedded into my website at W2W | yfu, so it’s clearly just a display issue on the hf website.

A simple option is to just copy the spaces embed code into an index.html file and put that on your github pages, which you can then share without worrying about this issue

i apologize if this topic is unwarranted, as I’m still new to AI image generation, but I usually go to to create images for fun, but 2 days ago I found this had happened:-

I prefer the WebUI compared to the XL or the Playground as it often times give me the images that i wanted.

Is there any way/chance to use it again?


EDIT: The website is up and running once again! Thank you! I have no words to show my gratitude, words aren’t sufficient. Thank you very, very much.