All of my datasets disappeared, Why?

I have tens of datasets in my Huggingface, but today I noticed that all of my datasets and models disappeared. How to recovery my datasets? I have a lot of important datas in my account, please😭

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We’re restoring them. They were deleted using an access token. We recommend that you change your password and revoke your tokens.

Thank You!!, 80% of my datasets were restored.
I’ve changed my password, it was my API token leaked. I will be careful.
However, some datasets weren’t restored because I create a new datasets before restoring. Could you restore these datasets as well? I have a lot of important code before (like, and .ipynb files). ACCA225/openxlab · Datasets at Hugging Face and ACCA225/Kaggle-Stable-Diffusion · Datasets at Hugging Face .

cc @Sylvestre @coyotte508 maybe

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Hello @ACCA225.
I wanted to let you know that the two missing repositories have been restored successfully.
Have a great day!