How can I clean the dataset cache?

The datasets cache (/.cache/huggingface/datasets/) is taking up a lot of space with data that I no longer need and can’t even remember which dataset they come from. How can I clear this cache?

Feel free to delete the download directory. Then all the other directories are named after the datasets, and contain the cache files when you do load_dataset() and to reload cached map() results

Thank you!
I also have a bunch of other directories named like .cache/huggingface/datasets/csv/default-60ad0c15aa7a6ff6/0.0.0/
I guess these are caches of datasets that I created and can delete them without breaking the system. They simply won’t be available any more, right?

Yes correct. To be more specific they correspond to the cache of the datasets that you loaded with load_dataset("csv" ...) (it’s also the old location for datasets in CSV format from the Hugging Face Hub)

Thank you for your help!