Any way to install transformers in a PR branch?

Currently, my PR on FlaxVisionEncoderDecoderModel is not merged to transformers master yet. But I can’t wait to update my poor-french-image-captioning Spaces demo app.

So I need to

git clone
cd transformers
git checkout flax_vision_encoder_decoder
pip install --upgrade .[dev]

Is this doable in Spaces currently? I can probably upload a copy of transformers to avoid git part, but still need pip install. :pray:

Otherwise, I think I can still figure out a hard way to make the demo work.

I saw that we can specify the branch/fork in the requirements.txt, I will give it a try.

Hey @ydshieh

Does this thread on stackoverflow help?

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Thanks, @ariG23498 , I searched and found adding


requirements.txt works well :slight_smile: