I trying to make first space, but I can't intstall transformers library

Hi, I am trying to make my first space using Gradio. The demo version went fine, but when I try to add a pipeline, the builder replies that it does have model transformers, and when I try add transformers into requirements.txt it keeps asking for rust.

What am I doing wrong? In all documents, I read it seemed to assume that the transformers library comes preinstalled.

Could you please share your Space?
My guess is due to Gradio Version / Python Version. I just did a test starting a brand new Gradio Space, added transformers to requirements.txt and got not issue building and running.

Sorry, I fixed it. It was the transformers version. For some reason installing both with transformers and a git worked:
like this:

Either one alone asked for rust, but both together worked.
But here is my space:
Sr Snw Ann - a Hugging Face Space by Tanor