SentencePiece - OSError

I have been creating a hugging face spaces with gradio, with the correct code being validated in colab. Yet when I am running in hugging face spaces, I am getting the below error, which I assume is due to gradio

OSError: Not found: "/root/.cache/huggingface/transformers/9c7933a8cb164e6207557926768a9a265d1bd79d39f5356e412c6abbe425b649.3b0201e0c6666c1f97cb872a091dba1baec985f9f13044c690a95a8af2f48ae6": Permission denied Error #13

The full error log can be found here. My spaces, and the associate code can also be found in the links below:


Hi @kurianbenoy, thanks for creating this issue. This doesn’t seem to be related to Gradio, but rather to the inability to access the downloaded Transformers model in the Spaces system.

Can you try asking this question here: Latest Spaces topics - Hugging Face Forums

Thanks for clarifying @abidlabs . I will ask the question in spaces topics