Anyone got a working BB3 Docker / Podman image going?


I didn’t get a response to my previous post so this the next attempt . .


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I was curious on the same thing. Theoretically it should be possible on the new Docker spaces. I will give it a try. --Aaron

Documenting my steps here:

  1. Identify how to load a customer Docker image. Docs here have that info: Use a custom Container Image

  2. Pick a podman image. Docker

  3. Maybe even a recently updated one to make sure it is current: Docker

It might matter most what additional installs exist on the base image. Since I am after ones usable for AI/ML I pick these few to try out on Docker spaces.
Why? It has node.js which is useful for easy web app development.

Python3 and podman:

One with podman and ffmpeg for video capture / auto speech recognition:

Packwiz, modpacks:

Github actions one which is super useful for mlops from git to huggingface autodeploy:

Deploy without docker:

–I will let you know if it works :wink:

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I look forward to seeing your results!

@awacke1 ,

I am starting to set up my “Avatar Phi Rho” here on this Discourse site:

I could send you an invite to there if you like? There is more info there about what I am trying to achieve in creating an AI bot that as well having my own personal memories, has a persistence of its own memory for its previous discussions with other individuals. This is all in aid of supporting my Radical Life Extension non-profit organisations when I am not available or not conscious . .