Arabic NLP - Resources

In this thread we will collect the Arabic NLP resources. Mainly, notebooks, tutorials and articles that discuss Arabic NLP.


A collection of some of the notebooks and code samples I know for Arabic NLP

  • ARBML contains around 10 [notebooks](https://Languages at Hugging Face) discussing different NLP tasks.
  • tkseem has 5 notebooks for sentiment classification, translation, etc.
  • AraBERT has many notebooks for fine-tuning on different tasks.
  • CAMeL Tools has many useful code samples on their docs website.
  • SOQAL has a notebook for question answering.
  • AraVec has a notebook for extracting embeddings for words.
  • farasapy has a notebook for using FARASA for many tasks like segmentation, stemming, etc.
  • Mawdoo3 has some code samples for running their multi-dialect Arabic bert model.
  • Alyahmor has many code samples for morphology generation.
  • pyarabic has many code samples for prerpcoessing Arabic text.

Just wanted to know if there is anything related to stemmer for the Arabic language? I do have the dataset and would like to train the model to come out with a root word…