Auth broken in spaces but not locally

When I run my app locally, it renders as I’d expect, and I’m able to log in via setting the env variable.

However, when I upload this exact same code to spaces, it looks like this, and I’m unable to log in:

It occurs on both Chrome and Safari.
Has anyone else seen this before? Thanks!

hi @jamesredd, is it a Gradio App? could you please share more? maybe a link to the Space? thanks

Hi radames, yes, it’s a gradio app, here’s a link to the space: Snaplinc EU CRSD - a Hugging Face Space by jamesredd

Another bug - it’s showing the space preview as Snaplink EU CSRD, another one of my spaces, even though the space is just “document analysis”

hi I think it’s a Gradio issue, cc @abidlabs @freddyaboulton

here without URL params it works

but with extra params it breaks the css theme