Build error : failed to create endpoint hungry_leavitt on network bridge: adding interface veth1291603 to bridge docker0 failed: exchange full

This is my space.
A build error occurred. But I don’t know how to solve this error.

And this is my other space,
There was no error in this space, but the error occurred as soon as I changed the readme.

I created a test space, wrote a very simple code, and built it.

However, the test space did not work either.

I don’t think this is my problem.

It may be a server-wide problem.

The same happens to mine radiobee aligner - a Hugging Face Space by mikeee which ran Okay previously.

Logs say Successfully built 989912a9c4b6 Successfully tagged space-cpu-mikeee/radiobee-aligner-8dd688d44271d792c7b84f717e8e285aae89f07c:latest

Yet the app does not run – a Build error shows up.

Exactly the same problem with mine…I did a simple change and the space won’t restart. In logs I can only see “Successfully built…”

Same problem here.

My space is working now. I think the server is fixed.

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