Can't scroll down in Streamlit deployed with HF Space

Hey I was playing around with HF space. Trying out Baichuan-13B-Chat model.

I had setup following:

And had my space here:

I had streamlit 1.24.0

However as it turns out I cannot scroll when chat history becomes long. This is very different from the local experience and also very different from the GIF demo in their GitHub.

Any ideas?

cc @whitphx might have some ideas here

Hi @WinterGYC

Could you please try upgrading Streamlit to 1.25 or higher?
There was a scrolling problem with 1.24 on the HF platform and it was fixed with the 1.25.0 release.

However, the problem you reported sounds different from the known issue on 1.24 which was discussed in the post, so please let us know if it’s actually a different thing and upgrading Streamlit doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you.