How to add scroll bars to a Streamlit app using Space Direct/Embed URL?


I’m having an issue with my streamlit application that is using the Space Direct/Embed URL. The problem is that the streamlit application UI doesn’t have a scroll bar on both PC and mobile devices, which makes the page stuck in one position. As a result, users are unable to scroll down to the page. However, when I run the application on the Streamlit platform, it has an auto-scroll feature.

Is there any way to add scroll bars to the streamlit application deployed on HuggingFace? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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hi @Ramsha-Ekatra , we’ve been working internally to fix this issue, could you please try a patched version 1.19.0, please update on your to the sdk_version:1.19.0. thanks

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Appreciate the response.
The issue is fixed.

Hi, Can you please share your file

Hey, thanks for the concern, the issue got resolved. I was making a stupid mistake.

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