Change organization name (case) and case-sensitive model paths

Hi, I initially created a new organization with a capitalized name (“Graphext”), and didn’t realize paths to models in that organization would then have to use the same capitalization, which is a bit annoying. E.g. pipelines and hub functions will find Graphext/twitter-xlm-roberta-base-sentiment but not graphext/twitter-xlm-roberta-base-sentiment. Apart from considering treating these as case-insensitive, is it possible to change the name of an organization such that it affects new model paths? Changing the field “Organization name” e.g. seems to only affect the display name, but will not affect how new model repos are named. I’ve changed that field to lowercase, but newly created repos will still start with the capitalized organization name. Could somebody at huggingface perhaps change this manually for us in their database @julien-c? :pray: Thanks in advance!

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hi, you need to change Account > Org username, i think you’ve been changing Profile > Organization name instead

Totally! :person_facepalming: Thanks so much!!