Collections Feature

I’m having fun with the new feature Collections.

What I really like:

  1. Ability to search and find any Space, Dataset, or Model by keyword in File/URL path is fast and easy. The forming a single point to jump from is like brain building and fun way to link similar jump off compendiums for IO remixability ;). 🌐🔍Dataset of Datasets - USA & International - a awacke1 Collection

  2. Capability to thematically study and develop toward new techniques. Being able to pose a space side by side with papers content is great to be able to even jump to edit after ideating with the papers. 📄🤖🌐 Multi-Agent Systems & Mixture of Experts - a awacke1 Collection

  3. Dataset Support - I feel sometimes that datasets are under-appreciated but love the new features and have been enjoying the auto-parquet - well done! for CSV files, terminology etc: 🌟 Ultimate Clinical Terminology, MLE Datasets 🌟 - a awacke1 Collection

Thanks much for cool hub features! Can’t wait to see what is coming next.



hey thanks a lot! we’ll keep shipping new stuff:)

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