Community content of the week (12/23/2021)

Welcome to this special showcase of community content of the week :partying_face:. Where we share community-made tutorials, articles, videos, models, and spaces demos as well as some top picks!

If there is anything we forgot, feel free to add it in a comment.

  • :clapper: Video
  • :scroll: Article/Tutorial
  • :robot: Model
  • :oil_drum: Dataset
  • :floppy_disk: Demo

NLP and Language :books:

:floppy_disk: Interpretable_Text_Classification_And_Clustering by Allen Roush

:scroll: Tutorial: Setting up a Text Summarisation Project by @marshmellow77

:floppy_disk: Healthsea project

:clapper: Healthsea project presentation by @HenryAI

:scroll: Healthsea: an end-to-end spaCy pipeline for exploring health supplement effects

:floppy_disk: KerasBERTv1 by @merve

:clapper: Analyzing SEC filings with Transformers for fun and profit by @juliensimon

:floppy_disk: ByT5 Dutch OCR Corrector :pill: by ML6 Team

:scroll: Universal Dependencies v2.5 Benchmarks for spaCy by Adriane Boyd

:scroll: ERNIE-GEN: An Enhanced Multi-Flow Pre-training and Fine-tuning Framework for Natural Language Generation

:scroll: Talking counterfactual #4: BIG SCIENCE’s T0pp by @JoeFr

:clapper: Endless AWSW test run! :joystick: by The Emerald Show

CV and Images :framed_picture:

:floppy_disk::art: 3D Image Inpainting by @Epoching

:books::framed_picture: :loud_sound: Perceiver IO: a scalable, fully-attentional model that works on any modality

:floppy_disk::paintbrush: ArcaneGAN by Ahsen Khaliq

:floppy_disk::space_invader: Pyxelate by Ahsen Khaliq

:floppy_disk: IceApp - Fridge Object detection by @dnth

:floppy_disk::fire: Fire and smoke detector by @durgaamma2005

:floppy_disk::framed_picture: ImageGPT Completion by @nielsr

:floppy_disk::test_tube: Sartorius Cell Instance Segmentation by @rashmi

:floppy_disk::woman_health_worker:t6: Chest Anomaly Identifier by Pablo Reyes

Audio and Speech :loud_sound:

:clapper::books: ML for Audio Study Group - Kick Off

:clapper::books: ML for Audio Study Group - Intro to Audio and ASR Deep Dive

:floppy_disk::speaking_head: Voice Authentication with UniSpeech-SAT + X-Vectors by Microsoft

Reinforcement Learning :joystick:

:scroll: On the potential of Transformers in Reinforcement Learning by Lorenzo Pieri

:floppy_disk::snowman_with_snow: Snowball Fight

:hugging_face: to our amazing creators and happy holidays! :christmas_tree::gift::menorah:

:hugs: And if you would like to join our community of creators, we would love to meet you in our Discord server

Content of the Week (01/06/2022)


This showcase of the week idea is awesome! Good work!

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