Community content of the week (01/20/2022)

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  • :oil_drum: Dataset
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Audio and Speech :loud_sound:

:robot: New self-supervised Audio-Visual Hidden Unit Bert (AV-HuBERT) by MetaAI

:floppy_disk: ASR using Wav2Vec2/ Hubert & pyctcdecode

:clapper: :hugs: ML4Audio - pyctcdecode: A simple and fast speech-to-text prediction decoding algorithm

:robot: Machine Learning for Audio with Hugging Face

:trophy: Hugging Face :hugs: Robust Speech Challenge where the community will build powerful speech recognition systems in the language of your choice :rocket:

NLP and Language :books:

:floppy_disk: Fake Tweet Detector: identify if it was written by state-backed trolls by @chinhon

:robot: COVID-Twitter-BERT

:floppy_disk: British Library Books genre detection model :uk: by British Library Labs.

:floppy_disk: Question Answering with Keras by Keras-io

:scroll: The Annotated S4: A step-by-step guide for building your own 16,000-gram language model by @srush

:floppy_disk: Wordle Helper :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_left::arrow_right::arrow_left::arrow_right::b::a::arrow_forward: by @ttj

:floppy_disk: LeetSpeak Name Entity Recognition [NER] by @Huertas97

:scroll: Ways to Improve Your Conversational Agents using Language Models :hugs: by @merve

:clapper: Deep Learning Automatic Code Comment Generation VS Code Extension by @ncoop57

:floppy_disk: Email Parser :email: by @Jean-Baptiste

:floppy_disk: Barman T5 Create original cocktails based on your ingredients :cocktail::tropical_drink:

:scroll: Financial Text Summarization with Hugging Face Transformers, Keras & Amazon SageMaker by @philschmid

:scroll: Paper Notes: Deepspeed Mixture of Experts by @sshleifer

CV and Images :framed_picture:

:floppy_disk: Predict Artist and Artistic Style of Drawings :art::man_artist:t2:

:scroll: Using :hugs: datasets for image search

:floppy_disk: EfficientNetV2 Deepfakes Image Detector

:floppy_disk: DeepPrivacy: A Generative Adversarial Network for Face Anonymization

:floppy_disk: Real-world Image Denoising with Selective Residual M-Net

:floppy_disk: Toonclip

:floppy_disk: Compound Multi-branch Feature Fusion for Image Restoration (Deraindrop)

:floppy_disk: Compound Multi-branch Feature Fusion for Image Restoration (Dehaze)

:oil_drum: Embellishments: thumbnails of the first 100 entries of digitised books - images identified as Embellishments. c. 1510 - c. 1900 :open_book: by @severo

Reinforcement Learning/Evolution Strategies :joystick:

:robot: Stable-Baselines3 Integration on the :hugs: Hub

:robot: Pre-trained model of a PPO agent playing LunarLander-v2 :woman_astronaut:t4::first_quarter_moon_with_face:

:robot: Pre-trained model of a PPO agent playing Space Invaders :space_invader:


:clapper: Gradio Course: Create user interface for Machine Learning models by 1littlecoder

:robot: STriP Net: Semantic Similarity of Scientific Papers Network by @stephenleo

:scroll: How to Build a Machine Learning Demo in 2022 by Nicolas Jaccard

:floppy_disk: Stock Prediction with a LSTM model :chart_with_upwards_trend:

:scroll:/:clapper: Multi GPU training made easy with Accelerate

:sound: OpenAI and Hugging Face tooling

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