Community content of the week (01/27/2022)

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  • :oil_drum: Dataset
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Deep Reinforcement Learning :joystick:

:books: Tutorial: Train an agent to land on the :waxing_gibbous_moon: and upload it to the Hub :rocket:

:books: Tutorial: Download and use a model from the Hub playing Space Invaders :space_invader:

:robot: Lunar-Lander-v2 trained agent :woman_astronaut: by @mrm8488

:robot: Bipedal Walker trained agent :man_walking:

:robot: Space Invaders trained agent :space_invader:

CV and Images :framed_picture:

:floppy_disk: 3D in your Browser: cool augmented 3D viewer, navigate in beautiful 3D environments without a VR headset

:floppy_disk: Augmenting CNNs with Attention-based Aggregation :eyes:

:robot: Unet Visual Clustering :o:

:floppy_disk: Paint Transformer :paintbrush::woman_artist:t6:

:floppy_disk: Create another space which will compare the models or spaces you provided :exploding_head:

:floppy_disk: Neural Style Transfer :framed_picture:

Audio and Speech :loud_sound:

:floppy_disk::robot: Ukrainian :ukraine: Text-to-Speech :loud_sound:

:floppy_disk::robot: Hindi :india: Text-to-Speech :loud_sound: by @Harveenchadha

From Speech Challenge :tada::
:robot: Finnish :finland: Automatic Speech Recognition (wav2vec2-large-xls-r-300m-finnish) by @infinitejoy

:robot: Russian :ru: Automatic Speech Recognition (wav2vec2-xls-r-300m-Russian-small) by @emre emre

There so much more amazing models you find them in #i-created-this-model

NLP and Language :books:

:floppy_disk: Wikipedia Assistant

:robot: QA App | T5 base finetuned on SQuAD 1.1 in Portuguese by @pierreguillou

:floppy_disk: KeyBERT: Keyword Search with BERT Spaces Demo by Hellisotherpeople

:clapper: Streamlit-Chat will kickstart your chatbot project

:floppy_disk: :woman_elf: Netherator: Teller of tales from the Netherlands :man_mage: by @yhavinga

:books: Sentiment Analysis on COVID-19 :mask: Tweets

:floppy_disk: Radiobee aligner :abcd: by @mikeee

:floppy_disk: Part of Speech Categorizer

:floppy_disk: A front end for KeyBERT

:floppy_disk: Create tags for Italian :it: news articles :newspaper:

:floppy_disk: Coreference Resolution using NeuralCoref & spaCy

:robot: BlenderBot: building interaction between a user and the chatbot

:oil_drum: Inspec: A dataset for benchmarking keyphrase extraction and generation techniques from abstracts of English scientific papers

:books: Chapter 1-2-3 of Hugging Face course with Tensorflow :heart_eyes_cat: by @dschettler
Chapter 1 - Setup & Transformer Models

Chapter 2 - Using Transformers

Chapter 3 - Fine-Tuning a Pretrained Model


:books: Create interactive blog posts with Streamlit and Spaces :magic_wand: by @osanseviero

:floppy_disk::chart_with_upwards_trend: Monthly Arxiv Downloads since 1994 by @cakiki

:clapper: How Transformers and Hugging Face boost your ML workflows :muscle: by @juliensimon

:clapper: How to run Hugging Face model with Gradio UI on Docker :ship:

:floppy_disk::left_speech_bubble: Taskmaster: a chatbot that tells you which task you should be using according to your use case by @merve

:floppy_disk::joystick: Odeen: find the unknown rule of this game :brain:

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