Community content of the week (01/06/2022)

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NLP and Language :books:

:scroll: Active Learning with AutoNLP and Prodigy by @abhishek

:robot: GPT-Venus is a large language model finetuned on puffy310 significant other’s texts

:robot: Perceiver IO language model for financial sentiment analysis

:floppy_disk: English and Indonesian Persona Chatbot

:robot: Spanish LongFormer (Transformer model for long documents) model by @mrm8488

:scroll: Between words and characters: A Brief History of Open-Vocabulary Modeling and Tokenization in NLP

:robot: Natural Language Processing for Adverse Drug Reaction Detection by @cmcmaster

:scroll: Workshop: Enterprise-Scale NLP with Hugging Face & Amazon SageMaker by @philschmid

:robot: Generating text with cheapity3

:scroll: The Tale of T0 by @yongzx, @VictorSanh and @stevhliu

:clapper: Multi-Label Classification on Unhealthy Comments - Finetuning RoBERTa with PyTorch - Coding Tutorial by @rupertai

CV and Images :framed_picture:

:scroll: Generating captions with ViT and GPT2 using :hugs: Transformers

:floppy_disk: Turn a face into the face of a "Comics hero” by @Norod78

:floppy_disk: Face Mask Detection :mask: by @sunwaee

:floppy_disk: JoJoGAN: One Shot Face Stylization by Ahsen Khaliq

:floppy_disk: GLIDE: Towards Photorealistic Image Generation and Editing with Text-Guided Diffusion Models

:floppy_disk: First order motion model by @abhishek

:floppy_disk: Translate English Text in Images to Regional Language by @ysharma

:floppy_disk: Animefy (Android App) use multiple face models for applying filters to selfies :selfie: (ArcaneGAN, AnimeGAN, JoJoGAN, GFP-GAN…)

Audio and Speech :sound:

:floppy_disk: Voice Authentication with WavLM + X-Vectors

:floppy_disk: Wav2lip: Lip-sync videos in the wild

Reinforcement Learning :video_game:

:scroll:Democratizing Deep Reinforcement Learning Research, Facebook AI

:clapper: Robot Dog Learns to Walk - Bittle Reinforcement Learning

:scroll: Decision Transformer: Unifying sequence modelling and model-free, offline RL


:clapper: Hugging Face Gradio Python UI and CSV Processing by @katanaml

:floppy_disk: Fork a Hugging Face repository by @osanseviero

:scroll: How To Deploy Your Machine Learning Models Online Using Huggingface & Gradio Powered Spaces

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