Community content of the week (02/10/2022)

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:clapper: Video
:scroll: Article/Tutorial
:robot: Model
:oil_drum: Dataset
:floppy_disk: Demo

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Audio and Speech :loud_sound:

:scroll: Kiswahili NLP: ASR, Translation & Zero-Shot Text Classification with Hugging Face

:clapper: Speech/Audio Based Question Answering on Tabular Data using Python, HuggingFace, Gradio

:floppy_disk: Tabla Transcriber

:oil_drum: OpenSLR, speech datasets

Deep Reinforcement Learning :joystick:

:robot: A2C Breakout (No frame skip) v4 :robot::video_game: by @mrm8488

CV and Images :framed_picture:

:floppy_disk: Create sketches (and other stylization) with the click of a button

:floppy_disk: Image Captioning with VirTex model trained on RedCaps

:floppy_disk: Deep Dream made with Keras :heart:

:floppy_disk: Butterfly Classification :butterfly:

:floppy_disk: Vision Transformer for Image Classification by Keras

:floppy_disk: NeRF:3D volumetric rendering with NeRF by Keras

:floppy_disk: EfficientNetV2 Deepfakes Video Detector

:floppy_disk: OCR for CAPTCHA by Keras

:floppy_disk: BLIP

:floppy_disk: Blur Faces Automatically by @frapochetti

NLP and Language :books:

:scroll: Getting Started with Sentiment Analysis using Python by @federicopascual

:oil_drum: MetaLWOz: A Dataset of Multi-Domain Dialogues for the Fast Adaptation of Conversation Models.

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