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Audio and Speech :loud_sound:

:speech_balloon: Join the Hugging Face’s Robust Speech Challenge to build robust speech recognition systems in 70+ languages!

:floppy_disk: :frog::speech_balloon: CoquiTTS Demo: Text To Speech

:floppy_disk: CNN-Transformer architecture to generate the description of target audio

:floppy_disk: FastSpeech 2 text-to-speech model from fairseq S^2 by Facebook

:scroll: Boosting Wav2Vec2 with n-grams in :hugs: Transformers

:floppy_disk: W2V2-Transformer speech-to-text translation model from fairseq S2T by Facebook

NLP and Language :books:

:robot: :fr: Cedille’s GPT-J (fr-boris) with 6 billion parameters :croissant:

:scroll: The Story of the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Datathon

:robot: EmoRoBERTa: predicts 28 emotions from text

:floppy_disk: Environmental due diligence classification model

:scroll: How to make a speech to text app using Hugging Face and Streamlit by @charly

:floppy_disk: Arabic Natural Language Processing by @aubmindlab

:scroll: Table Query with Hugging Face: how to query CSV data with TAPAS model

:floppy_disk: Multiclass Emotion Classification by @sunwaee

:floppy_disk: Wordify: identify words that discriminate categories in textual data

:floppy_disk: Text Summarizer

:floppy_disk: Hate Speech Classification Model Comparison by @aymm

:floppy_disk: HuSpaCy: Industrial strength Hungarian NLP

:scroll: Ways to Improve Your Conversational Agents using Language Models :hugs: by @merve

:floppy_disk: QANom Parser by @kleinay

CV and Images :framed_picture:

:floppy_disk: Food Calories: Detect calories in your food with a picture :framed_picture:

:scroll: PyTorch and Monai for AI Healthcare Imaging - A 5 hours Python Machine Learning Course by FreeCodeCamp

:floppy_disk: :shark: Shark Classifier

:floppy_disk: OpenMMLab Text Detection, Recognition and Understanding Toolbox by @khursani8

:floppy_disk: Small Object Detection with SAHI + YOLOX

:floppy_disk: Face to Doll by @Norod78

:floppy_disk: Comping CLIP and SLIP models

:floppy_disk: Small Object Detection with SAHI + YOLOv5

:floppy_disk: Anime Background GAN :jp:

:floppy_disk: NFT GAN :money_with_wings:

:floppy_disk: Bizarre Pose Estimation of Illustrated Characters

:floppy_disk: RuDOPLH-350M

Reinforcement Learning/Evolution Strategies :joystick:

:floppy_disk: Simulation of Flappy Birds :bird: game using a simple perceptron and genetic evolution strategy :dna: by @mrm8488


:clapper: How to Share Keras Models on the Hugging Face Hub by @nateraw

:clapper: Deploy static website on Hugging Face Spaces

:floppy_disk: Detic: Detecting Twenty-thousand Classes using Image-level Supervision :framed_picture:

:floppy_disk::desktop_computer: Windows 3.1 on Spaces with :japanese_ogre: Doom

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