Configuration Error Help

I am getting this error

Configuration error

KeyError: ‘sdk’

Base template:

title: {{title}}
emoji: {{emoji}}
colorFrom: {{colorFrom}}
colorTo: {{colorTo}}
sdk: {{sdk}}
sdk_version: {{sdkVersion}}
pinned: false

Check out the configuration reference at

Even though my README file is in this format. My README is on LFS however. This is my space (it is meant to be private). Any help on how to resolve this will be highly appreciated as reading related posts and playing with README did not help for a very long time.

Hi @kdighe! Can you make the space public or share the README at least? Will be hard to debug otherwise.

Hi @freddyaboulton! I am checking with my colleagues to see if I can make the space public. Meanwhile this is my README.

title: QuadrupedData

emoji: :turtle:

colorFrom: red

colorTo: purple

sdk: gradio

sdk_version: 3.8.2


pinned: false

Might be because the README is stored on lfs.

I used the README contents you copy-pasted in this thread in this space: QuadrupedData - a Hugging Face Space by freddyaboulton

And it works

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Thanks @freddyaboulton. I have been trying to remove this file from LFS but I am not that familiar with it. But I’ll keep going in that direction and see if it works.