Sdk Configuration Error

Hello, I am getting this error:

Configuration error

KeyError: ‘sdk’


This is my file:

title: EpiPipeline4RD
emoji: ⚕
colorFrom: gray
colorTo: purple
sdk: streamlit
sdk_version: 1.2.0
models: ncats/EpiExtract4GARD-v2
pinned: true

from · ncats/EpiPipeline4RD at main

For context, I had a fully functional space until I renamed the Space slightly. It actually worked after initially after I renamed the space, but I got the configuration error after changing the title field in the README to reflect the Space name change. How should I resolve the issue?

cc @cbensimon

Thank for this feedback @wzkariampuzha !

This was a bug on our side, it’s now fixed and your Space works properly !

(FYI : the bug was triggered because the file of your Space was missing a new-line at the end. It’s not an issue anymore)

Thank you!