DallE mega use in transformers

I was trying to use DallE mega with transformers. I was able to use other models of bloom etc with transformer, but the DallE Mega documentation mentioned here dalle-mini/dalle-mega 路 Hugging Face with code snippet as

from transformers import eBart

model = eBart.from_pretrained("dalle-mini/dalle-mega")

has been failing with error as below

----> 1 from transformers import eBart
      3 # Sentences we want sentence embeddings for
      4 sentences = ['A king with apple on head.']

**ImportError: cannot import name 'eBart' from 'transformers'**

Can anyone help who could use DallE Mega?


We鈥檙e currently adding support for it: dalle mega by patil-suraj 路 Pull Request #18152 路 huggingface/transformers 路 GitHub.

cc @valhalla