Debugging Spaceses Application

Hi Team. Built my mos trecetn hugging face space using a blank docker image. The Image worked for anohter simpler app but now I’m getting runtime errors and I can’t figure out why.

Is there a way to debug the application runtime error from within spaces?

hi @woodr7,

Currently, you can only access logs through the logs tab. SSH access is on the roadmap.

The one issue is that i don’t get any errors in the logs and Then there’s a runtime error that looks like this

Is there a way to see why this is the case?

Are you using Streamlit SDK or Docker?

It appears the app takes more than 30 minutes to load, causing this error. You can try adding startup_duration_timeout: 1h to the YAML header.

I’m Using Docker because I have a Package (Labelbox) that is incompatible with streamlit due to Pydantic 2 support

ok so maybe you’re missing app_port: 8501 on the YAML?

That seemed to work!

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