Difficulty duplicating space - loads blank

I may be entirely doing something wrong, but I’ve been trying to duplicate this Space for some time now:

The duplicated space is successfully created in my profile, as can be found here:

However, I notice that when I go to the “App” tab of my duplicated space, it loads entirely blank ~80% of the time. If I check the console logs, I tend to see .js errors. This continues to occur after I reboot the space, or factory reboot the space. On rare occasions, I’ll visit the space, and it will load (sometimes buttons won’t work properly, in that they’re unresponsive, etc).

The source space seems to not have any of these issues whatsoever. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong when trying to duplicate this, or why I might be experiencing UI/app issues (even after upgrading the space to a suitable GPU)?

Hello @bryanbblewis11, I went through the process of duplicating the original Space and assigning a T4 medium hardware, and after a few minutes, it built successfully. I’ve noticed that your Space uses A10G, so I’ve also tested with A10G small, and it built successfully. Perhaps it is worth trying Factory reboot this Space on your settings once more. Please let me know if that helps

Thanks for the reply, @radames! At present, it looks like this is working properly! I did indeed try a Factory Reboot of the space a few times, but it almost seems like a browser problem, where the logs would show that the space was ready, but the space would be entirely blank. I did try in Safari and Chrome, to note. Anyway, this appears resolved at this moment, but I will re-open the issue is the problem returns. Thank you!

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hi @bryanbblewis11, I understand now. I’ve seen this issue before. It seems like a browser cache/DNS issue. Maybe @XciD has some extra insights here?

A possible cause is iframe and CORS:
Currently a private Space with streamlit gets loaded as an iframe from a different domain. The browser responds by blocking this iframe. In iOS and Safari you see a warning you about CORS, but for some reason there is no warning in Chrome.
The workaround is to disable CORS protection - there is a checkbox in Safari and a commandline setting when launching Chrome.