Stable Diffusion on not work lately... Anyone else having the same problem?

I’ve tried different models but every time I try to start it by clicking on “Generate” I get a connection error and if I try to click on it I get “Restart this Space”. Anyone else have the same problem? Have you reported it to support?

Same here. It lags and then I get an error message. So frustrating!

Have you reported it to support?

Spaces have been having daily problems for a few days now, they should be working right now.

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It worked for a short time… now it doesn’t work again!

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Hi, if you also have problems with Stable Diffusion you can report the error to this email: attaching the type of error and the screenshots…



Hello all, which Spaces are you all referring to?

now it seems to work… apparently it was a problem with the owner of the space while I had duplicated his space!
Thanks for all!
A greeting!

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