Email confirmation?

It’s been an hour, I can’t access my token because apparently my email isn’t confirmed yet. I checked my inbox and spam folder and i didn’t see the confirmation email from hugging face?? :frowning:

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It’s not working brother, same here , you will get confirmation link but it will say …ehhhh token invalid, damn

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Hello :hugs:
We’re currently looking into it. Thanks a lot for your understanding.

same here, get confirmation link but it always say token invalid,almost 5 times

Same for me, email confirmation email not coming through and I cannot create my hugging face token

Hello, same for me :frowning:

me too any fix for this?

never mind kept clicking finally worked.

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The same problem with me too…while clicking on the link it is displaying as invalid token.

Same problem here…even tried on a different email and waiting 30 minutes. Checked spam.

any body fix it?

I am getting this as well. the email link confirmation = invalid token