Email confirmation missing

Greetings. I created my account yesterday, but I have been unable to get the confirmation email. The site says it has been sent, but it never arrives. The first attempt couple of attempts may have failed due to my error, but I’ve carefully verified that the email address in my settings is correct, and I’ve confirmed that the email address is receiving email correctly.

If someone could kindly check my account I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Well, six days later and I didn’t get any response to this, so i guess Hugging Face is going through some growing pains.

For the historical records, I was able to resolve this by creating a secondary email address and I was unable to a confirmation on that one. Not really a big deal, just seems like there’s probably something misconfigured that will cause some email addresses to not be able to confirm. So if you run into this as well, just try a different email adddress and hopefully that will solve your issue too.