I can’t get Email confirmation link

Today, I signed up Hugging Face, however, I can’t get the Email confirmation link.
I copy and paste my email address from my email box but I can’t get it.

Mabye, It’s happening to other people.

I would like to get the information how to get the Email confirmation link.

Thank you for your reading.

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Our team is looking into this as multiple people have reported it, expect a fix soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

I’ll wait.

I still can’t get a confirmation email

Hi @gregjames, can you try again by clicking on the banner to get a new confirmation email?

I get a 400 error when hitting the banner:

I am also unable to get a confirmation email. When I click on “Resend confirmation email” I get the error “400 Daily message quota exceeded.” Any ETA on a fix?

i cant`get a confirmation email to i need healp the error is “400 Daily message quota exceeded.”

Hello ^^
I have the same error: “400 Daily message quota exceeded”…

I face the same error too.
and he does.

Hi everyone,

We’re experiencing email troubles (see https://twitter.com/hf_status)

We’re hoping to have it resolved within a few hours

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Any update to the expected ETA on account activation emails?

Please disregard. I had to chat with the ole ISP to get the mailz.

I can’t get the confirmation email either. I pressed resend the email 20 thousand times but nothing, No errors, Gmail account ISP Comcast.


Me too…I can’t get the email and I tried two of mine.

@oilime @Fillype it seems that both your email addresses are confirmed currently, so I guess you were able to receive the confirmation email?

Does this problem still exist? I can’t get a confirmation mail too. I’ve changed my email adress 2 times already but it still doesn’t send a confirmation mail.

Hi @petz79, the problem has been resolved for some time now. I see that you finally managed to have your email confirmed?

i have the same problem how can i solve it?

Same problem here. I’m just not receiving any confirmation emails. please fix?