Error accessing private space on iOS

As you can see in the screenshot, I can’t access the private space with my HF account logged in on my iOS chrome. I tried turning off the cross-website tracking in Chrome and Safari, and it still doesn’t work.

Besides making the space public, is there anyway that I can access it on my iPhone? And why it behave like that?

quote from the screenshot in case the pic upload fails:
" Private spaces may not currently work in

Safari or iOS.

  • On MacOS, we suggest switching to another browser temporarily for this Space.
  • On iOS, the only workaround currently is to turn off cross-site tracking prevention.

Spaces run on a different domain, and cookies need to be shared with for private Spaces to work."

Don’t know if the op got the problem fixed, but here is my own experience against that security issue when PRIVATE Space needs to be accessed while being in a Private Browsing mode in browsers.

Because, since the 7, February 2024, there is now the same issue on Huawei Browser (aswell Vivaldi Browser), but instead of the op, all I got was a White page or a broken UI while loading any private Spaces, now, I found hopefully by experiencing some settings that the resolution is easy.

It is not a problem of standard Cookies, it’s an issue related to the Third-party Cookies, so, when you are on a Private Browsing mode in a tab loading a PRIVATE Space, then, just let enabled the Third-party cookies (not the tracking cookies, there is no need to enabled tracking cookies!).

Hope this will helps someone :wink: