Error when i switch the Space to public

My space works fine when it’s on private mode but once i switch to public i get the following error:

Your space is on error, check its status on

My code

import gradio as gr
from import *

learn = load_learner('peaky.pkl')

categories = ('Ada Shelby','Arthur Shelby','John Shelby','Michael Gray','Polly Gray','Thomas Shelby')

def classify_image(img):
    pred,idx,probs = learn.predict(img)
    return dict(zip(categories,map(float,probs)))

image = gr.inputs.Image(shape=(192,192))
label = gr.outputs.Label()
examples = ['art1.jpg','john1.jpg','ada1.jpg','mic1.jpg','tom1.jpg']

intf = gr.Interface(fn=classify_image,inputs=image,outputs=label,examples=examples)

hi @brewmeakay , that’s interesting, could you please share your public Space project URL?

hi @radames . here’s the link for the space

hi @brewmeakay , it looks like it’s working now! :raised_hands:

it seems like it’s just not working on my browser. if i open the link in private window it works. Maybe a cache problem or something.
thanks for the help @radames