Extremely slow loading with accelerate 0.31.0?

Just experienced very slow loading from network disk and resolved it by downgrading to v0.30.1. (Also downgraded huggingface-hub to v0.23.3 → v0.23.2 but this feels very minor)

Pod did not finish loading models after 90 minutes. Normally takes max 10 minutes. Did not notice these problems on normal SSD though.

Anyone else experienced this?

I would open an issue but I do not have enough info yet.

Hi @samedii, thanks for reporting ! This is strange indeed. Could you share a minimal reproducer ? Morevoer, if you could trace the commit that caused this, that would be super helpful since I don’t think we will be able to reproduce as I don’t have access to network disk. Thanks again !

Sorry if I could easily reproduce it then I would have created a github issue instead. Wanted to give some kind of info to the devs that this might be a thing.