Feature request: customisable user page

I’d love to have the option to make a customisable user page. This could be as simple as a Markdown box that renders at the top of the user page (eg TheBloke (Tom Jobbins))


  1. In Edit Profile, add a text box for “Profile page information” or similar name. This box should support normal Markdown syntax
  • If you wanted to be more sophisticated, this could be a per-user repo that the user can push a README.md to. But just a simple text box would be fine.
  1. If the user fills this out, whatever they enter is rendered at the top of their user page.

I did a quick mock up of what that might look like in practice:

This would allow a bit more personality to profile pages, as well as allowing people like myself who upload many models to provide useful general information that is relevant to all the models.

Similarly it might be quite useful for Organisation pages, allowing the group/org to provide more info on their team, mission, objectives, how to contact them, etc.

Thanks for considering this!