FileNotFoundError when loading LIUM/tedlium Dataset

I keep on getting this error: FileNotFoundError: Couldn’t find file at\train.tar.gz when loading the LIUM/tedlium dataset.

I’m using Datasets Version 2.15.0
Here is my code:

from datasets import load_dataset
tedlium = load_dataset(“LIUM/tedlium”, “release1”, split=“train[:100]”)

What could be the problem? I’ve checked StackOverflow, Google, ChatGPT, and I haven’t gotten any solution.

I tried it with the same version on Colab and its working completely fine. Are you sure about the version and about your code?

I just tried it on Colab also, and it is working, but it still isn’t working on my computer locally, and yes I’m sure about the version.
This is what’s happening, it shows the downloading progress bar, and then throws this error: