Fine-tuning seq2seq transformer model for Arxiv research paper summarization in abstractive summarization manner

Hi Community,

In my research area, I’m about to fine-tune the BART or T5 transformer model for the summarization of Arxiv research papers. For that purpose, I’m going to use a custom dataset which contains only Arxiv papers related to the Machine Learning domain. The custom dataset (includes abstract, article, section_names, sections columns) is a subset of the “Scientific Paper” dataset in Hugging Face (scientific_papers · Datasets at Hugging Face) which contains papers related to the Machine learning domain.

My problem is I’m going to do the summarization in the following way as a novel approach,

  • I’m about to give weightage to each section(such as importance, related work, methodology, etc) of the research paper based on their importance.
  • In the paper summarization process sections with higher weightage will be more focused when extracting important data.

I don’t know any specific way to calculate the above-mentioned weight as well as how to add that part when the transformer model fine-tuning.

If you guys know any way to do that, I’d be really glad to hear. If you guys know how to do it, please provide the reference materials as well. :hugs: