Github and huggingface

As far as i know, github and huggingface are two hub playing different roles. On github, most contributers are software engineers, and they mainly concern on code and project issues.On huggingface, most are model engineers or students,and they want to use PTMs to save their time and cost, reporting the problems on it.
If an organization or individual is maintaining both the source code and models, then:
1.Whether they use automated publishing tools to release updates to the Hugging Face platform. (These tools can streamline the process of sharing code and models with the community)
2. Whether they use either unified platform for issue tracking, or automated email notifications. ´╝łThis can help centralize the collection of feedback and issues from users or contributors, making it easier to manage and address them efficientl)
If anyone has real practical experience, or more detailed information, please share it and teach me. Much appreciated.