Google colab hub login

I cannot get the token entry page after I run the following code.

!pip install huggingface_hub

from huggingface_hub import notebook_login


I get no output and instead of token entry page, I get the following message/popup. Even if I enable by using the provided code, I still get no output with notebook_login()

Third-party Jupyter widgets


Support for third party widgets (widgets outside of the ipywidgets package) needs to be enabled separately. Support for these widgets will be loaded from a CDN external from Colab.

from google.colab import output


Thank you.

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I am getting the same too, no idea!

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Should be fixed soon hopefully!


i think the fix has been rolled out now no?

I believe so, though in colab it’s instead just a blank output now :cry:


EDIT: @julien-c the fix also needs to have:

!pip install ipywidgets==7.7.1

With this it should now work @ozioh & @nickmuchi

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