Gradio app runs slow in publik link

I implemented a Gradio app and it seems to run very fast locally with the local link. When I tried to run the same app on public link, the model worked much much slower.
Do you guys have any idea?

Hi @ziv-tamir ! By public link do you mean the link you get with share=True?

Those links open an ssh tunnel with a machine in us-west so maybe the slowdown is due to latency communicating with us-west. Is it also really slow on Spaces or any other hosting service?

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Yes, I use share=True.
Aside from Spaces, what other hosting services can I use?
What I want is to run the app from a local server machine and open it to other clients.

You can host a gradio app anywhere! AWS, Azure, Render, heroku

I want host on my server machine with a GPU a whisper ASR demo gradio application. This application uses the microphone to record the user and asks whisper to transcribe.
When I launch the app using a public link, and use it on some client machine, it works great but very slow (probably because of the latency in communication mentioned above).
When I launch it using a private link, it is loaded but when I record the user using the microphone, nothing is recorded (I guess it is using the server microphone, not the client).
So how should I run my Whisper demo and get it to run faster?

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Can I host gradio on my local server ? (how can I do it and run gradio ?)