How to share gradio app in my local machine

According to: Sharing Your App in order to share gradio app,
we need to set:
demo.launch(share=True) and we get a share link (, which opens ssh tunnel with a machine in us-west.

How can I share my gradio app in my local machine (instead in us-west machine) ?

hi @laro1 , please disable share=False, the default port ie 7860, http://localhost:7860/

In this way I can only access from my local machine.
I want to access from any machine in my local network (i.e: instead of http://localhost:7860/ ).

How can I do it ?

If you are running a gradio ‘sdk: gradio’ application, you can set the server_name and server_port in the launch function call of the

interface.launch(server_name="", server_port=7860)

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