Gradio not loading css when using Blocks

Hi All,

I’ve been having issues getting Gradio running with Blocks on my own server over https. Specifically, I get a 404 when the css files try to load (followed by a bunch of further errors when the 404 apparently returns a template html). I’ve triple checked CSP and nginx configs and everything seems fine. The interface loads if I use Interface objects instead of Blocks, and it also loads if I access it through a port-forward and use localhost:7862 (yes, that’s my gradio port of choice).

Any thoughts as to what might be going on?
Basically, from a user perspective, the page hangs during “loading”.

It’s super, super basic:

[... imports and func]

app = gr.Blocks(theme=gr.themes.Monochrome())

with app:
    prompt = gr.Textbox(label='Input Prompt', placeholder="Enter a prompt here ...")
    submit = gr.Button(), inputs=prompt)

app.launch(server_port=7862, ssl_verify=False)

and if I set it up as:

gr.Interface(basic_prompt, "textbox", "textbox").queue().launch(root_path="/gradio",server_port=7862)

it will load.

Browser console errors are like:

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (index-f8fe32d3.css, line 0)
[Error] Unable to preload CSS for ./assets/index-f8fe32d3.css
	(anonymous function) (index-b974f2e9.js:2:9808)

And if I curl ... index-f8fe32d3.css it returns template html