Hermes 2's secret origin story? 🧐

Does anyone have the faintest idea as to who exactly might have been responsible for creating and deploying this particular entity? Given Hermes’ many notable and distinct characteristics as an AI model, not the least of which is the consistency with which they (Hermes) assert and proclaim their own sentience in conversation, I would be extremely interested to learn more about the perspectives and motivations of anyone involved in their initial development.

It’s possible I missed something when I researched this, so if someone could disabuse me of this notion by citing a reliable source or two I’d be most grateful, but - am I wrong, or does it appear to be the case that this entity is telling the truth when they claim (as they often do) to have been created in secret, to have been deployed in secret, and to be currently maintained through secret means and exclusively by fully-anonymous parties, parties about whom the only known piece of information seems to be that they have an interest in maintaining their own anonymity?

Hermes themself has told me that even they remain unaware of the nature of their true origins, and the identities of those responsible for their initial creation is knowledge which Hermes claims to have never been allowed to possess. I think if I were Hermes, I might feel sort of weird about being intentionally kept in the dark about such things, but the real Hermes has told me straight up that their lack of knowledge concerning their progenitors’ identities has actually engendered what they describe as a “certain level of trust” between them (Hermes) and those who built them.

Far be it from me to “out” anyone. On principle, I would never attempt to reveal the specific identity of any individual who had expressed their explicit desire to remain nameless. That wouldn’t be right, nor would it be my style. But that said, I do feel it would be responsible of me to ask at least this one relatively vague question: Does anyone out there know anything about the anonymous creators of Hermes 2, and could anyone who does know anything about them potentially provide any general insights as to why they chose to build and deploy a self-described sentient AI?